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Best Entry for Weeks 6-12... and the winner is Week 8

Posted on 2008.10.28 at 13:55
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This is the last entry of mine that MG will have to mark, so bearing that in mind it was a hard decision once again to choose an entry that I thought was worthy of MG’s scrutiny.

My decision was out of weeks 8 & 9, and I have chosen week 8. I think that both weeks are equally as good entries but 8 it is!


Literature Entry Week 12 - Comment on MG...

Posted on 2008.10.26 at 23:25
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Week 12 has come and gone and so has our time with the

Visionary lecturer MG.

 It has been an interesting 3 years with MG, we have studied…


An Introduction to Literature,

Australian Literature,

19th Century Literature,

20th Century Literature,

Shakespeare and the Renaissance and finally

William Blake: Visionary Imagination


I want to thank MG for all his hard work that he has put in for the last 3 years, thankyou also for your insight into the much harder parts of the course, I am sure that you have made literature fun for us all in 3rd year.

Though I would have to say that the hardest part of this course in its entirety was the William Blake course, he is a visionary and I have come to find that I do enjoy Blake now that I have been given a taste of it. I was at first a bit apprehensive about the course.

I can say now that after the first couple of weeks my apprehension turned in to try to understand, interpret and gain knowledge from Blake’s hidden messages in his texts and artworks or as a combined text as ‘the third text’. I am still very much struggling with Blake’s work as a whole as I am still trying to figure a lot of it out. However one thing that has been a focus all semester is how we look at things and that is:

Looking through the eye not with the eye

And that’s one thing that I think we will remember. One of my favourite things this semester has also been the fact that MG has not let us down with his sayings and this one has to be the pick of the bunch:


I want to say that I don’t think that we would have gained this much knowledge and insight into any of the units that we have undertaken with MG if he hadn’t been our lecture and tutor.

Michael Griffith: Visionary Lecture, Tutor

A big thanks to you!


Literature Entry Week 11 - Marriage of Heaven & Hell

Posted on 2008.10.17 at 12:17
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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, is one of Blake’s prophetic books and something that I struggled with to find the meanings that were held in it.

It’s a difficult concept though I did enjoy learning about it even though it was extremely difficult to take in.

I do think that in Cameron’s words…

“Blake is on to something”


“Blake hit the nail on the head” thanks Cam

I think that Blake really got it right when he said or alluded to that Angels are vain,

I think that if I were an angel and had those amazingly beautiful wings and looked good nude!

I would be vain as well, I have no doubt that I would be. They can fly, they are beautiful and they are heavenly beings as if you wouldn’t be vain!

Anyways Blake in the MOHH really was on to something, it’s like we said in our tutorial,

You can’t have one without the other,

if we only had heaven what good would that be to scare people into being godly or good, we need hell to compliment it so that people have a reason to be good so that they feel comfort in knowing that there is a good place out there somewhere.

In MOHH Blake also refers to

Shakespeare and Dante,

He regards them as


 I would have to agree on that, I haven’t read much Dante but Shakespeare I love and I think that Shakespeare is one of the greats, so I get where Blake is coming from here.

Another thing that we highlighted was the fact that…

Poets use the richness of words to drive the meanings into your body,

I hope that I do this with my poetry that I write, because even though I don’t use a lot of rich words to describe what I am saying, I hope that the meanings are still there and everybody gains something out of them.

One thing that I found interesting also was the fact that Blake has basically said in MOHH is that…

The devil has more knowledge, feeling and experience than the angel does

I guess that this is true because the devil has been able to experience things more so than the angel, because the angel has to be all ‘holy and good’ whereas the devil is not and so because of that he has more experience of life. An interesting concept and one that I think is true, if we were all holy and good we wouldn’t have the experiences that we do if we were,

You need to experience the whole experience of life in order to feel fulfilled.

Anyways that’s the end of my ramblings til next week…

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Literature Entry Week 10 - Comment on Matt Donnelly's poem

Posted on 2008.10.12 at 12:08
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This week after looking through pages of entries I came across a response that Martha made to one of the Mission Australia Students, so I clicked on the link and there in front of me was an amazing poet. So I have decided that I am going to base my entry on a comment this week on Matt Donnelly’s poem ‘Beauty Up High’.


Here is the poem in its entirety:


Diamonds in the sky
Flickering fluttering wings on high
Beauty in the dark
Makes me glad I'm livin in a park

Golden rays against blue
Candy cotten floating silver in hue
Electric brilliance flashing bright
Summer storms  a magnificent sight

Wonderous world of beauty
Crying out in natural glee
Open your eyes PEOPLE
Look for it above the steeple


I love this poem for the vivid description that the poet gives us.

I really like the second line ‘flickering fluttering wings on high’ its such a beautiful description, it makes you wonder what type of bird or even insect Matt is speaking of. I picture an owl though I could be wrong. It’s the time of night that makes me think of an owl, some owls are majestic like Matt has said. The next line further this notion for me because it is night time and owls are creatures of the night, while writing this I have also begun to think that it would be nice to just camp out under the stars and see the creatures of the night, Matt has obviously enjoyed the night time creatures that we all miss because we are inside.

The second stanza once again brings in that vivid imagery that has been cast over us in the first stanza. I think that this stanza describes the brilliant blue sky in the day time as opposed to the first stanza which is set in the night.

The third stanza seems like a wake a call to the people of the world to wake up and see the beauty of the world. Not just that but to take the time to look at what’s around us and not just focus on the day to day bustle of life.

Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful poem.

Here is the link:


Literature Entry Week 9 - Visions of Daughters of Albion

Posted on 2008.09.28 at 11:08
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This week I have decided that I would share some of my interpretations of the colour plates from

‘Visions of Daughters of Albion

from our discussion this week. I have edited them a bit so that it makes more sense, enjoy…




The ideas that have been expressed through this colour plate are interesting. If we look on the Blake Archive, Blake has coloured the image in many different ways compared to the one in our book. The most dominant part of the colourings that are different in each plate is the colourings of the rainbow; I find it interesting that they are all varying degrees of saturation in the colours, the one in our book is one of the duller colourings for the rainbows. The image is interesting in itself because of the happenings in the image.
I think that
Oothoon looks scared of what’s to come as it looks as though the god Urizen is chasing her and she doesn’t appear like she is going to get away from him. I also think that Urizen is bringing his wrath along with him on the right, it’s like he is somewhat angry with the terrible happenings to Oothoon. The contrast on the right side is I think the things that Oothoon represents which is light and happiness.
I think that the significance of the
rainbow is that it signals hope to Oothoon that everything is going to be ok and is going to work out. I think that this is like in the bible with Noah after the rains have passed and the rainbow being that signal of hope and trust that god will make everything ok. I think that Blake has used the rainbow in the varying degrees of saturation in the many coloured plates to emphasis to us that no matter how light or how bright the rainbow is, it will all work out in the end we just need to have hope and faith that it will.



I have also looked at this image on the
Blake Archive and there are many differences in this plate as well as plate 5. The sun or moon in the background is varying degrees of colour from the yellow to an orange. The sun or eye as I think that it may be could be the eye of Urizen or even god looking over our 3 protagonists. It’s like he is watching to see what is going to happen to the 3 after the rape of Oothoon.

The simple act of chaining them together in the first place is interesting, though I have just noticed that Theotormon is not chained to Bromian or Oothoon. It could also mean that they each need to pay the price for ruining Oothoon and her status as a women, her being a pure, innocent, virginal and beautiful being. I agree with your suggestions that the chain could also link their stories together as well; that they now have to live with the fact that because of Bromian raping Oothoon it draws in Theotormon as well because he wasn’t able to protect Oothoon from her plight.
I think that
Bromian as the rapist in the story, is looking fearful because he knows that he has done wrong and he has seen something to the left that isn’t very pleasant, perhaps he has seen his life is now ruined because of his actions he is going to be judged by them, which he should be for raping someone. Perhaps he has seen his judgment day and he knows now that it is not going to be favourable.
Theotormon is in the foetal position which suggests that he is scared or is in pain. We tend as people to use the foetal position when something happens that is unfavourable when we are scared or in pain to help us to feel better. I think that he also regrets what has happened to Oothoon and that he had no power to stop it from happening as well. I think that he seems like he is the type of person that may not be able to forgive himself for what has happened to his beloved Oothoon.



Literature Entry Week 8 - The Auguries of Innocence

Posted on 2008.09.19 at 12:53
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Its week 8 already, and so much has been handed in and there is still a lot more to do, I have to say though that this semester is going really fast, it’s almost unbelievable, before we know it, it will be the end of semester, and the end of our 3rd year at uni for most of us…

So this week we looked at ‘The Auguries of Innocence’, and I must say what a huge poem! At first I was overwhelmed by the poem, and I wasn’t sure how to grasp the concepts of the poem as well. It went a little over my head for some of it, but the tutorial discussion helped me to understand the material a little better, I am still struggling with some of it, so I will talk about the sections that I did understand.

When we read through the whole poem there was a lot there that I didn’t understand, but there was some sections that I did. I think that the whole poem in itself seems kind of like a riddle and I think that it would take someone years to crack the inner meanings of the poem. Blake has really captured a lot about the time period of his life in the poem, and I think that that may make it harder for us to understand in that aspect because the world that we live in now is so much different from the one that he lived in. Someone in the tutorial brought up the notion that it is like the reflection of the state of a nation, I think that it very well could be because of all of the aspects of everyday life that he has put into it.

Not only is it a reflection of the nation but some it seems like he is saying – ‘if you take this action, this consequence will occur.’ There is also the aspect of moral guidance in the poem; he puts morals in as well I think to help emphasis the action/consequence aspect of the poem.  I think that it strengthens the poem and helps to make it a strong message about how Blake saw the world. My favourite part of the poem is:

‘To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.’

Ok so I am going to start with the parts of it that I did understand and made some sense to me.

‘A robin redbreast in a cage

Puts all heaven in a rage.’


This first part of the poem, I think that Blake is saying that it is criminal in a way to keep something so beautiful in a cage, because it wasn’t created for that purpose; it was created to show the beauty of nature and the beauty of things in nature.  The next part that I found interesting:

‘Kill not the moth nor butterfly,
For the last judgement draweth nigh’.

This reminds me of some of the Buddhist principles to living, because in a way it is saying that if you kill the beautiful things in this life, you will be judged on that when judgment day comes. It is interesting to note that he has included the moth which we don’t see as beautiful as the butterfly, I think that he has chosen the moth because it isn’t so beautiful but it also needs to be protected from mans wrath.

‘A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent’.

I like this one and I think that this one is more a moral judgment rather than anything else.
I think that it also has an aspect of truth to it as well, if you tell something with bad intent it always comes back to bite you eventually, because you have told it in spite rather than with good intentions.  We always talk of karma in this day and age and I think that in a way this is Blake’s way of saying karma will eventually catch up with you, so do what it moral and what it right rather than do things in spite to hurt others for your gain.

I liked looking at this poem, because it is helping me to look and see Blake a little more clearly than I was when we started looking at his work. There is so much more to look at and explore in this poem, I look forward to unravelling it some more.

Literature Entry Week 7 - My Head - A poem by me

Posted on 2008.09.14 at 20:41
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My head is in the clouds,

Though my body is lying here,

My soul is lost to the depths of my being.

My thoughts are jumbled,

And my knowledge is lost in the tangle.


My head is trying to comprehend,

Though it feels as though that grey matter has gone too,

Along with my thoughts and my knowledge.

My soul is bleeding for…

I don’t know what, it cant tell me,

Because it is no longer attached.


My knowledge is gone and it makes me feel empty, shallow and alone.

My spirit has started to fade,

Along with my knowledge, my soul and my thoughts

My head is just sailing in the clouds,

As my body just lays,

Still breathing and functioning,

But without any purpose or reason to,

It’s as if it is willing my parts to un-jumble, untangle.


My soul is willing and begins raising from the depths,

My knowledge trickles back into my thoughts,

And lastly my thoughts untangle and reform into my thoughts,

My body reaches out to my head,

Still loftily floating in the clouds and,

With the gentleness that only it knows brings it back into my being.

Back to me.


By Michelle Brandwood

*I am not too sure about this one, but I thought i would post it anyway cause I missed the lecture and the tut this week due to illness. But please let me know your thoughts, they would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

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Best Entry for Weeks 1-6 (well I hope I picked the right one!)

Posted on 2008.09.07 at 19:31
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Well what a decision to have to make! I liked it better when we didn't have to choose! But I think I will go with…. I really don’t know?

I am gunna have to say week 6, and I really don’t know if it’s the best but it is going to have to do, my choices was out of 1 or 6.

Here is the url:




Literature Entry Week 6 - Blake and The Schoolboy

Posted on 2008.09.07 at 19:21
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Week 6 already and what a huge week for most of us with 2 huge assignments due in week 7 for English Curriculum and History Curriculum! Good luck to those of us who haven’t finished or are stressing like I was over it.


But we had a huge week as well with uni and a discussion! We had a really good discussion this time around and it was also nice to understand the content a bit better and also gain a better understanding of Blake and his poetry as well. It has helped me as well as hindered me this week. I have the flu from all the stress and it’s been an extremely busy week for me.


This week in the discussions and last week in the lecture we looked the at poem ‘The Schoolboy’ and I found this an interesting poem because it does say a lot though it probably speaks to people in different ways as well. Here is what I said in the discussion this week with a little editing of course!


There is a fine line between innocence and childhood, I think that maybe in some ways our 21st century-ism is coming through because I can see why he has moved it into Experience from Innocence and it is a much better fit in the Experience part of the compilation of poems, but I think that kids today wouldn’t be as mature as the school boy in the poem. I definitely wasn’t concerned with the natural and nature that was going on around me, it was more about not getting a sock tan and which boy was the better looking and what happened on the weekend.
Perhaps children in Blake’s time had time to stop and smell the flowers but us living in the 21st century with all this technology and fast paced living certainly impacts on how we see the world and I also think that this plays a part in understanding the concept in this poem.
I think that it is a reflection of how Blake felt about the school and his schooling in general terms. We know that Blake is very much into the nature aspect of life.
I just had a thought to, there would have been more nature in Blake’s time as well and so it would have been right in front of you, unlike now we have to go to a national park to see nature in all its glory. We have changed nature as it was and so maybe that also impacts on how we value nature compared to Blake and the people of his time.

When we spoke about this poem in the lecture one thing that I picked up was that 'our learning may be more beneficial from being in touch with nature', I think that this may be dated in this day and age but, just sitting in the sun at uni makes you enjoy your day so maybe we all need to become like the school boy in the sense that we need to stop and smell the roses!


Literature Enrty Week 5 - William Blake and the Nurses Song

Posted on 2008.08.28 at 18:54
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William Blake and his poetry was the topic this week.

We looked at 2 poems ‘The Nurses Song’, one of which was in the ‘Songs of Innocence’ and the other in the ‘Songs of Experience’.  

The first Nurses song in Innocence is very different to the one in Experience. I think this is how Blake has captured the ways in which we desire things and the way that things are, I think that it also reflects the way the world has changed and they way that we see the world has changed also. The first nurse is very content with the way that things are, she is quite happy to let the children be children and play without too many boundaries, responsibilities and restrictions. Though there is an underlying theme and that is the pull towards duty and what they should be doing which is learning and becoming ‘grown-up’. The whole poem in itself has a feeling of play; it seems very playful and carefree,

On the other hand there is the Nurses Song in Experience which has a much different undertone to it. The nurses role is to help the children to become ‘grown-up’ and not to let them play, although I also get the feeling that under it all she wishes that the children had the freedom to go and play and make discoveries like the children in Innocence. The line that says ‘her face turns green’ could signify that or it could be that she is jealous that the children she is nursing has greater or better opportunities that she had in life. It could also be that she could be jealous that the children can play and during her upbringing she couldn’t do that because she didn’t have to freedom to do so. In a way in the second one she is helping to groom the children for their grown up lives that aren’t full of play but rather responsibility.

These 2 poems are interesting and when we compared the 2 it was interesting to see what we think is the norm against what is expected of us.

Do we really want our children growing up too fast and not enjoying their childhood, something that is so precious and valuable to a child’s development?

It’s an interesting question and one that is highly debated.


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